Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oslo, Norway: Vigeland Sculpture Park

The idea of visiting Scandinavia never excited me. I had the impression that it was a very homogenous society and quite dull. Well to my surprise, it is far from dull, and much less homogenous that I had ever imagined. My encounters there have only ever been brief, but, Oslo is a beautiful and vibrant city full of art and culture. The people are friendly and warm, and to my advantage, they all speak English.
My first visit to Oslo was in 1996 when touring with Michael Jackson. Myself and my buddies, Tony, Sean, Gerard, Jamie, Chris and Jason were fearless, and at the time, agile enough to take the town on by rollerblades. It was great! We'd see tons without realizing how much excercize we were getting. From that first visit, it was the Vigeland Sculpture Park that stuck with me most. I think the sculptures intrigue me because they are simplicitic in shape and form, yet powerful with emotion. In some ways, conceptually, for me, it's the theory of less is more. Though the figures lack finite detail, they are very expressive. The detail is added where it most counts. I am in awe of this work and need to learn more of the artist. See the photos below.
That's the beauty of travel, you get exposure, and a better understanding of things that you never knew existed.

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