Friday, October 12, 2012

London, England: Brixton, South London

Some weeks ago while in London I visited with my dear friend Nikki.  My and Nikki's friendship has lasted the test of time.   Our first trip abroad was a planned pre-graduation trip hosted and chaperoned by our high school art teacher.  That experience sticks with me to this day.  We traveled to France and Spain.  I guess one could say that the seed had been planted,.....who knew that that would be the first of many trips abroad. 

One husband, three kids and sixteen years later, Nikki now lives in Brixton.   A predominantly West Indian community in South London.  Being familiar with Brooklyn, having lived there, I find the two communities a bit similar.  They are both a melting pot of cultures and diversity.  I particularly love the buzz and energy of Brixton.  It is a myriad of local shops and restaurants, young families and old.  The homes in the neighborhood are of modest brown brick, not unlike many in metropolitan London.  

Brixton is ever changing.  The popular Brixton Farmers Market shows evidence of the gentrification going on in the area.   It's a superb market where vendors sell everything from fresh fruit and produce to cuts of meat, African print textiles, hair products and wigs.  Sprinkled throughout the market are warm and inviting storefronts, bakeries, coffee shops and tiny boutiques.  Personally, I love the people watching.  It's some of the best.  People are interestingly dressed, from London beatnik and thrift to Afrocentric chic with a ethnic flare, expressive with patterns and colorful brights.  

I first experienced Brixton Market with Nikki a couple of years back.   I am now convinced that it will always be one of my pit stops when visiting London.  

This particular day my journey started in South Kensington where I took the District tube line to the Victoria line to Brixton.  Follow my next blog post and you'll see how the day ended up.

Ciao for now!

I made it!!!!  Brixton and Nikki here I come.  Love you loads.  xx.

Follow my next blog post where we'll explore some of Brixton Market....

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  1. Good to see Nikki and the fam. Can't wait to check out Brixton.