Monday, October 18, 2010

Helsinki, Finland: The Ice Bar.

Well, well, well,...we're at it again. We started touring October 9th after having been on a 3 week break in Los Angeles. Our first stop is Helsinky, Finland with plans to tour all of Europe. We flew eleven hours to Heathrow with a brief layover, before continuing another two and a half hours to reach Scandinavia. There was no denying that we "weren't in Kansas anymore", the drastic temperature change made that clear.
We started off slowly feeling heavy with jet lag, but made up for lost time before leaving town. We squeezed in lots of good fun and some casual dining at Texas and the Iguana,... go figure. Before it was all said and done, we also made our way to the Ice Bar. Yes, a bar made of ice. It was the equivalent to drinking in a room the size of a meat locker. We were provided with Smurf blue, fur trimmed coats that helped ease the chill. The experience was interesting, but not the best, as far as Ice bars go. I have since learned that there are much nicer and larger ice bars in Oslo and Stockholm. To find this place, we went basement level and through a restaurant called the Copacabana where a deejay was playing salsa music, as two couples graced the floor with their amateur latin dance skills. Tucked away in the back of the restaurant was a labeled door that suggested that we were in the right place. We entered, quickly embraced the experience, threw back a lemontini, and carried on drinking at the Capacobana instead. We later found ourselves at another bar called On the Rocks, where, by then, we were very lit and lively. It was a great night, one we could't have predicted.

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