Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brussels, Belgium: Moules et Frites

Here's a look at our time spent in Brussels, while on our way to Dublin. Having only nine hours to spare, myself and my friends started out to Le Grand Place, a popular square in the city, for photo ops, then had dinner at Le Petit Bruxelles, a restaurant located along one of the small corridors off the square. We enjoyed a candlelight setting, while dining on fresh mussels, assorted shellfish, fries and LOTS of wine. Bon appetit!!!
We carried on to a local pub in the area drinking even more wine and "Kwak", a distinct Belgian beer served in its signature hour-glass shaped glass and held upright in a wooden stand. When in Belgium, drink Belgian, why not! There's rarely a time when we're out socially that we don't have a blast, and this was yet another.

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