Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stockholm, Sweden: Helsinki to Stockholm

It was the end of a gorgeous and full day of travel, having made our way through the Swedish fjords in the Baltic Sea.  We had traveled twelve hours on the Galaxy ferry boat from Finland to Sweden, our final stop being Stockholm.  Once in town and on limited time, there was little for much else besides a bite to eat or turning in.
I quickly joined a couple of friends and headed out to Akkurrat.  A popular and well respected high end beer bar on the outskirts of town, serving bar food to the likes of salads, samplers and English-style chips and mussels.  I'm not into beer, nor mussels, so I can't say that I would have considered this destination on my own, but thanks to the beer aficionado in the bunch, I'm thankful for the experience.  My eyes were opened to a beer culture that I never knew existed.  Akkurrat is by far a beer connoisseurs dream.  Not knowing beer, but, recognizing good ambiance and good company I can say that Akkurrat lent itself to that too.  After sharing a plate of goat cheese salad, chicken fingers, chips and mussels, we were quite stuffed and heavy with fatigue.  Two beers into the evening and two hours later, we found ourselves in the back of a taxi headed back to the hotel.
In all, it was a great day and evening.  Now, if only there were more time in town to explore Stockholm.  Oh well, next time,.....I better get some shut eye for my lengthy workday tomorrow.  Good night Sweden!