Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dublin, Ireland: Indian Restaurant -- Jewel in the Crown

Last night, as a party of eight, we collected for an amazing meal of Indian fare at Jewel in the Crown in celebration of Lee's birthday.  The restaurant sits conveniently doors away from the touristy and famous Temple Bar in the heart of Dublin.  The area is ambient with a well preserved medieval feel, narrow cobblestone roads and Victorian walk up storefronts.  As for the restaurant, it is small, quaint and unpretentious.  Our table was situated on the lower level in a small dining room towards the front of the building.  The room was shallow due to the low ceiling and tight seating.  I have to be honest, the food was extremely tasty and well worth the experience, but, the overly soiled carpet throughout the restaurant was a bit off putting at first.  The waite staff was kind and accommodating, making up for any lack in the decor.  We shared bottles of Chilean Merlot and still water, samosas, kebabs, onion bhaji and poppadoms for starters.  I chose the chicken korma and garlic naan as my entre, the usual.  I tend to stick with what's familiar.

Indian cuisine

As the evening was still young, after dinner we continued on in search of Kehoe's.  A traditional Irish pub dimly lit and moderately crowded, where we drank Guinness and Irish whisky,.....what else.  As for me, I couldn't get down much more than ginger ale.  I had found my limit, or should I say, my limit had found me.  Ha ha.

Kehoe's Irish Pub

In all, it was a full and much needed evening of fun, great food, good laughs and friendly chatter.

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