Sunday, September 23, 2012

Paris, France: A moment in Paris

It's Gina's first ever trip to Paris, and as our luck would have it, there's not one day to spare, no day off.   We rolled into town midday from Berlin, and drove straight to the venue to start work, setting up and preparing for the show the following night.  The anxiety and expectation were high for all to go well, for the celebrity attendees and 75,000 sold out stadium crowd to see Lady Gaga's Paris performance.   There was truly little, to no time, to see Paris this visit.  It seems such a shame for Gina to be here, in the "city of lights", and not see even one landmark monument.  That couldn't happen,......noooooo way!  So, after a full days work, tired and in need of a break, we instead, hit the town to see what we could with the time that we had.....

First stop,  L'Arc de Triumphe.....  We got lucky, it was walking distance from our hotel.

We quickly nabbed some photo opts and strolled over to the famous Avenue des Champs Elysees.....

We passed the windows of Cartier and Louis Vuitton where we got a few more photos....  Without delay we walked briskly in the direction of La Tour Eiffel.  You can't be in Paris and not visit the Eiffel Tower.  After zigzagging through the streets of Paris to find it, we turned a corner and in plain sight,  there it was, La Tour Eiffel.   Gina was struck by it's size and magnificence.  It was stunning!  And as if just for us, shortly after we arrived, the hourly twinkling light show displayed brightly over the Tower as if lighting a Christmas tree.  It was midnight magic.

We walked to the base of the Tower were there was a crepe stand and souvenir shop.  Making the most of our brief French experience, we bought french berets and sweet and savory crepes and found a quiet  spot along the nearby bridge to eat, all the while overlooking the Seine River.  We reveled in the moment.  It was the movie moment you usually dream of, sans the romantic lover, but instead, this time,......we really were in Paris!

Paris, Je t'aime et bonne nuit!

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