Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On Location: An interview with Stephen Jones

Today I had a moment of reflection of the year past,... and realization that I don't want my life to fall into a mundane predictable existence. Now, having settled back into life in LA, I often think back on last year and how amazing it was, traveling the world and encountering different cities and places every few days. Life was spontaneous, full of adventure and uncertainty. Even though I was traveling for work, each day presented new challenges, discovery and wonder, I was nurturing intrigue and feeding my soul. I don't want to lose that "joie de vivre". I sometimes wonder, "has my world now become smaller, for being more aware of, and, present in it, or larger, for my endless experiences." Whatever the case, I'm all the better for it.

Today I'm remembering our time in Antwerp and recall when I first became familiar with the famous milliner, Stephen Jones, by my friend Perry. He had gone to see his exhibit and was thoroughly impressed and inspired. Unfortunately, due to my lack of time in town, I missed seeing the show and can only hope to be able to catch it stateside. The exhibit is now in its final days at the MoMu Fashion Museum in Antwerp closing on February 13th. It is my understanding that the exhibit will tour America in 2011, with the first stop being New York City. Hmmm, looks like a brief trip to NYC may be in my foreseeable future. For anyone looking for a dose of inspiration, I'd suggest checking it out!!!

Below are hat creations by Stephen Jones.


  1. I must say that I enjoy the worldly journey you provide me throughout your travels and seeing the world through your vintage rose colored glasses. From the food to architecture, I feel as though I have experienced these places with you. Thanks for the escape without having to leave my home.

    Much needed.



  2. I appreciate the feedback. Though I'm HOME, I still plan to share my past experiences and stories, so stay tuned.
    I've been slacking and need to catch up on what's happenin' in the world of BLOG. I gotta get up to speed....