Thursday, February 3, 2011

Los Angeles, California: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

It was exactly a year ago today, February 3rd, a Wednesday, that I was confronted with an opportunity of a lifetime. To some, it may have been equal to winning the lotto. All I knew was that my decision would possibly thrust my life into fast forward.
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was driving down Wilshire Blvd, not far from LaBrea, when my cell phone rang, "Barb,.....Hi, it's Tony." With a history and friendship of more than 10 years now, I was just thrilled to hear from my friend. We tend to go a "month of Sunday's" between correspondence and it was nice to hear his voice. "Hi, Tony", I said. "What's new?" He wasted no time getting to the point, as he was in a bit of a dilemma. "Barb, uhhhhh,.....I know you don't really tour anymore and prefer staying home in LA these days, but I have to ask,.....I'm crewing up the wardrobe team for the Lady Gaga Tour and want to know would you consider a position." By nature, operating on instinct, and considering the fact that I was newly unemployed, my immediate thought was, "Sure!!!" My respectful, considerate and very much married-self said, "can you give me a minute to pass this by Mui Alto, before getting back to you?" "Of course," he said. "Of course." My drive down Wilshire suddenly seemed to pass in slow motion, my mind racing with decisions of what to do. I cautiously dialed Mui Alto, while driving with knots in my stomach. He's always understanding and supportive, but this was a lot to ask. Not only would I be touring, but I was being asked to commit to being away for a year and had to be in England the upcoming Monday. After brief deliberation and deep inner thought, together we decided that it completely made since for me to go. The opportunity was simply too good to let pass. The tour would travel to Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the US, plus, Gaga was currently the hottest musical artist since sliced bread.
I coordinated my life within 4 days, informed my family and closest friends of the fact that I'd be gone, packed, anxiously drove with Mui Alto to LAX in the stormy rain, boarded Air New Zealand bound for the UK and found myself clearing customs at Heathrow Airport about 12 hours later. I think it was on the flight over, while snacking on crisps and a ginger ale, that I actually thought,....."what the HELL did I just do! Oh, well, here I go..." This was my first time on an international flight since 2004, and yet, it felt like my first.

We landed in London and took a connecting flight to Sheffield, where we met a driver who drove us to Wakefield. We checked into a local hotel where we'd stay during rehersals, until the first show in Manchester, a week or so later.

There was no time for jetlag. It was business as usual the next morning. I quickly got acquainted with the unfamiliar crew, learned the routine of the day and worried about sleeping later. I was here to stay. It was full speed ahead.
In a nutshell, after the success of our first show in Manchester we conquered the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, the US and Europe, a couple of times, before wrapping it up at the end of the year two days before Christmas.
As previous tours that I've been fortunate to be a part of, it was a lot of hard work, yet, a lasting and exhilerating experience that I won't forget. In the words of Edith Pilaf, "Je ne regrette pas rien." I have no regret.
It's interesting, but now when I drive down Wilshire Blvd, I'm reminded of February 3rd and how it all began. My, how time flies,.....who knew a year could go so fast.


  1. WOW ...... This is awesome! You write very well my D-Town sister! Proud of you for making such a move on Faith! I believe thats how its all really is supposed to happen! I/WE (The "D" & "L.A.) are proud of you for concurring your fear of, not flying, but "Flight"! I'm inspired ... MuchPeace & LotsaLove, <3 DRJ

  2. Thanks David. I appreciate the support.