Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pismo Beach, California: CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!

If I didn't believe in Santa Claus, I do now!!! After a whirlwind of events involving travel this week, Santa granted me the best gift ever.....the gift to be HOME with my family on Christmas day. Anyone who has been following my blog the past few months knows that I have had the great fortune of traveling the globe this year. I have been blessed with countless wonderful experiences in numerous countries and cities, which have been amazing, exhilarating, exhausting, thrilling and inspiring, but ultimately, I'm not HOME.
Santa came a couple of days early this year. I finally arrived to Los Angeles two days ago. The journey from Paris was tiring and long, and seemed as though it would never come. We are now on a scheduled time out from the tour for the Christmas holiday break. We flew from France to the U.S. the morning after our final show in Paris, reaching New York late on the night of the 22nd, but unfortunately, not in time to make our connecting flights onward. This being the case, we were all put in local airport hotels for the night, returning early the next morning for our scheduled flight to L.A. I was hesitant to get my hopes up, as they'd been shattered many times this week. In short, it all started when our show, scheduled for December 17th, was cancelled due to circumstances not worth mentioning, pushing our travel plans back a day. This started the domino effect. From that day on, it has been one thing after the next leaving our Monster Ball family feeling discouraged and in distress. Fast forward to New York City,.....I finally board my flight at 7am on the 23rd. I got situated in my seat, buckled up and as comfortable as a human being possibly can considering the tight space, when the aircraft captain briefly announced that there might be a slight delay due to faulty air conditioning. Noooooooo!!! I was now starting to feel as though I was in an imaginery episode of "Shattered Dreams", or was I to be startled by Ashton Kutcher any moment now. Truly, what else could possibly go wrong? Thankfully, within moments, the pilot re-announced that things were actual under control and to prepare for take off. I said a prayer, crossed my fingers and toes and seconds later we were air bound. I couldn't exhale just yet though, I wouldn't dare until my feet were safely and firmly planted on the ground in Los Angeles.
My anxiousness was inflated by the fact that I was scheduled to be in Pismo Beach, California that same day/evening of my arrival. Mui Alto and I had plans to drive three hours north, for a relaxing two-night stay at a hotel on the beach of the central California coast overlooking the Pacific. I figured it would be a great way to unwind and for us to get reacquainted.
Our plane landed in Los Angeles as scheduled and to my surprise, a few minutes early. I collected myself and my bags and eagerly waited curbside to be picked up. Mui Alto's thrill and excitement to see me, and me, him, goes without saying. At last, all was well with the world. We proceeded home and quickly ate before getting on the road. I was tired but still in travel mode. We arrived in Pismo Beach shortly after sundown, and found dinner at Giuseppe's Pizzeria Italiana before settling in for the night. It's only now that I can finally EXHALE!!!
Our stay in Pismo was brief and relaxing. We entertained ourselves with walks along the beach and visited Leatitia's Winery and Vineyard for a tasting yesterday afternoon. For me, this Christmas has been about enjoying the better things in life, treasured moments, stillness, sunsets and family. I awake today, December 25th, Christmas morning, knowing that Santa has been very good to me. He granted me the best gifts of all, gifts money can't buy--safe travels, time spent with family and friends and good health. That's priceless!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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