Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Detroit to Amsterdam: Journey across the Pond

What a day!!!! Today's journey brought me from Detroit to Rotterdam via Amsterdam, Netherlands. I was in Detroit (Michigan) this past week for the "home-going" services of my cousin Georgette. After learning of her death from cancer, while in Antwerp over a week ago, I knew immediately that I had to be present to say goodbye. Last Sunday, November 21st, I set out by car from Antwerp to Brussels Airport to board a flight traveling seven and a half hours from Belgium to NY, prior to my connecting two hour flight to Detroit. It was one, very long and exhausting day, but, one that I'd gladly do again for Georgette. The week has been somber, emotional, reflective, meaningful and full with family. The funeral service for Georgette was held on Tuesday morning before Thanksgiving holiday. I, and much of the family, came together in remebrance and celebration of her life, before saying goodbye at her final resting place. I miss her. She would tell me that I had lived the lives of many, for my numerous experinces and travels abroad. In her spirit, I'll carry that sentiment with me and try hard to live life with optimism and positivity as she did. I will try to remind myself to not take my oportunities for granted and to continue to live my life to the fullest. Her passing is a sure example of how tomorrow is not guaranteed and to treasure every moment. I'll hold on to this thought even more as I prepare to travel back to Europe to resume life as I've known it, rejoining my wardrobe "buddies" on the Lady Gaga crew.
Today is my first day back at work. Once on the ground, after my lengthy flight from Detroit to Amsterdam, I quickly found a train departing to Rotterdam, a 25 minute ride, then made my way to the Manhattan Hotel directly across the street from the train station, checked in, and was downstairs for the 9:30am bus call to the venue to start the days work. With all my excursions, I felt like a contestant on the reality TV show, Amazing Race (CBS), one of my favorites.
Once at the Ahoy venue, I found my wardrobe "buddies", caught up on all that was missed, and fell into the work routine as if I had never left. It felt good to be back. I am fortunate to be apart of something so wonderful! Myself, and the friends that I work with, are lucky, in that we truly enjoy and respect one another. The life we lead, often envied by many, and not suited for most, can be a difficult one. It takes a certain type to walk in our shoes. Touring brings many challenges, emotionally and physically. It is, at times, an unpredictable and unstructured lifestyle not always suited for the faint of heart. I think it's fair to say that it takes a freespirited individual to do this job, someone good with people, yet fine in solitude, an adventurous soul, someone unsheltered, assertive and compromising. It's a life you tend to fall into, not seek. My first tour was on the Micheal Jackson HIStory tour in 1996. Like my approach to most things in life, when asked to join the crew, I said "YES" first, reacted later, and knew that failure is not an option. I had no idea of what I was getting into, but had faith that it would all work out. That was four tours ago.
It's been great seeing the world. I feel that there is nothing more valuable or educational than first hand exposure to life. I've been to places I never dreamed that I'd go, and to some that I never knew existed. It's been special and amazing.
Since the MJ tour and certainly before the internet, I would ponder on ways to make my travels have real purpose and meaning. I can only hope that through blogging, by bringing exposure and awareness, that I might inspire and insight interest in others to live their life outside of THEIR "box", be that what it may. The world is a huge place with so much to see. You don't have to travel far to explore new adventures, start by exiting your front door. See the world with open eyes, be open to the possibilities. Good things will come, just enjoy the ride!!!
In Georgette's honor, I dedicate this blog to her girls, Beth and Katherine, and to all my young nieces, nephews and cousins. I hope you find strength and inspiration in my stories and experiences. In the words of my cousin Georgette, regarding my "having lived the lives of many", I share my life experiences with you, Beth and Kat, to inspire you for better tomorrows and brighter days. My hope is that you grow to be strong independent women and to always see the world with eyes wide open. xx.

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