Monday, January 28, 2013

Vancouver, Canada: Ramen Night

It was nearly three weeks ago that I packed a bag to start back on tour for the North American leg of the Born This Way Ball, first stop,.....Vancouver, Canada.  After a relatively short flight, arriving from California, having cleared customs, baggage claim and the hotel check in, I had worked up an appetite.  It made perfect sense that, my girls and I, venture out for a bite to eat.

Hearing that Vancouver has a penchant for amazing Asian cuisine, we wasted no time and set our sights on ramen.  The night was cold and wet, as we walked in the rain, to nearby Santouka, a popular and crowded noodle house recommended by the hotel.    

We settled in, got cozy, and were quickly served at the crowded banquette.  Huge bowls of warm spicy, flavorful ramen and gyoza placed before us brought smiles to our faces.  It was the perfect quick fix on a dreary night, and equally as delicious.

After slurping noodles and broth, which, in Japanese culture is a true sign of pleasure and enjoyment, I might add, we made our way back to the Bayshore Westin, our home away from home, to snuggle in for the night and get ready for a fully loaded tomorrow.

Since that time it's been full speed ahead.  We've hosted shows in Tacoma, WA, Portland, OR, San Jose and Los Angeles, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV.  Mostly tired and with little time to explore, I find my days decompressing indoors, spending lots of time with "ME",.....and blogging, of course.  Let's just call it my time of "self discovery."

Next stop, Dallas, TX.

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