Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Helsinki, Finland: My 12 Hour Day.....

7:00 a.m.  On the morning ferry in Tallin, Estonia headed to Helsinki, Finland.
Thick morning marine layer.  Good Bye Tallin!

7:30a.m.  Ferry sundeck.

8:00a.m.  Breakfast.

8:30a.m.  Gina's thrill and excitement.  Her first ferry ride ever.  Yay!!!


Sunrise.  Tallin, Estonia.  Departing for Helsinki.

The Tallin Superstar Ferry.

Morning joy.

Anyone seen the toilet?

How shall we pass the time?  Supermarket?
Shopping Mall?

All aboard. 

A zen moment traveling the Baltic Sea.

Calming seas.

Two hours later.  9:30a.m.

Exiting.  What awaits us today?

Welcome to Helsinki.  9:45a.m.

  Here we go yet again.  Our caravan disembarks.

They await.

Home away from home.

Art and Design Museum.  Helsinki, Finland.

Street crossing.  Looking for food.

On our way to the harbor.

Eco friendly lifestyle.  Bikes! bikes! bikes!

Found the Marimekko flagship store.

Still admiring this glassware set from two years ago.
Just buy it already!!!

Strips and polkadots.  Marimekko.

Marimekko textiles. 

Me in front of the Marimekko store.  

Admiring the Marimekko table cover.

Harbor Farmers Market.

Harbor Farmers Market.  Wrap it up!  End of day.  Time to go.

Uspenski Orthodox Church.

Uspenski Orthodox church, again.

Boats docked at the harbor.

Reindeer fur for sale.  Poor Rudolph. :(  No comment.

Ah, Finland!

Finnish Lutheran Cathedral near the harbor and a pedestrian street.

Lady Gaga fans camped outside her hotel.  They await.
Oh, Little Monsters!..... 

Sidewalk cafe. Finally!  Time for a meal.  6:30p.m.

Yes!...  Ahhhh,  refreshing beverage. :)

My panzanella salad before my pizza.  So fresh!
I'm excited and so hungry.  Yum!!! 

The End

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