Saturday, November 26, 2011

Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Common Dreams - Razoo


If your intention this gift giving season is to spend your money wisely, and to avoid getting caught up in the frivolousness of commercialism and holiday spending, consider a donation to the Common Dreams Haiti Fund. A cause supported by, rap artist, Common. See the attached link. This Christmas, why not consider a donation as a gift on behalf of a family member or a friend. Karmically you'll be rewarded and it will make you feel good in the process.
There's no better feeling than helping someone less fortunate than yourself. Having traveled the globe, seeing depressed conditions firsthand, let me be the first to say that, "those of us who think we have it bad, truely have no idea how bad, BAD, can be." Help someone in need today.
Show that you care. Do something for someone else this holiday season. Why not start today. Learn more.

Common Dreams Haiti - Razoo

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