Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zurich, Switzerland/The Alps: Cartwheelin' on top of the world!

Cartwheeling on top of the world!!!?..... Yes, that's me on the far left....
This adventure took us to the Alps, to Mt Rigi to be exact. Stacy and Graham took the initiative to organize a day trip outside of the city. Myself and twelve others from our 'Monster Ball' family, boarded a bus tour heading to the top of the world. Our journey started at 9am, at a pick up point where we then collected other tourists before the official 10am departure time. We drove approximately an hour outside of Zurich, through the serene and most picturesque countryside to reach our first pitstop, at which time we transfered from the bus to a cable car to be taken more than half way up the mountain to another depot. We were packed tightly into the small airbus that seemingly dangled from the sky. It crept slowly at an angle up the steep mountainside where we stopped again, near the top. We then boarded yet another vehicle, this time a train, that would take us the remainder of the way. Once at the top, the air, thin, and the views, spectacular, we walked even further to a higher vista. The weather was surprisingly mild, with the sun beaming brightly upon us, having melted the slight snowfall from earlier in the week. We were in awe of the views, taking lots of pictures, capturing ways to make our trip to the Alps most memorable,.....hense, the results, cartwheels. We had two hours to spend on the mountain that day, so we spent half of it eating lunch. The cafe restaurant at the mountains peak was full with starving tourist, and we were no exception. Once off the mountain, we boarded a ferry boat to Lucerne, a lakeside town 45 minutes away. It was a gorgeous day to be on the water, with reflections of the sun bouncing across the rippling waves. Once in Lucerne, our tour guide briefed us on what there was to see, before leaving us to ourselves, to roam the city streets, see the sights and buy souvenirs. When our time was exhausted, we met back at the designated pick up location, to board the bus that would drive us back to Zurich. It was now 5:30pm and the day had been long. We were quiet for the majority of the ride, mostly in a slight slumber. Once in Zurich, me, Stacy, Laura and Sonja grabbed a light snack before making our way back to the hotel. In all it was an amazing day!! How often do you get to do cartwheels on top of the world?!!! That alone made it magical!!!