Saturday, July 31, 2010


This year has been more than magical. My magic carpet has taken me places far and wide, to places I've been and to some I haven't. Since the beginning of February I have traveled to numerous countries and countless cities touring on the wardrobe team for the Lady Gaga Tour, working alongside amazingly talented new friends.
I have explored Europe, Australia, Japan, the US and Canada. Life this year has been awe-inspiring, full of cherished and heartfelt moments, times full of joy, of laughter, of longing, of excitement, of discovery, of disbelief, of wonder and of course, most importantly, of family and friends.
Life on the road is undoubtedly unique and different, but more than anything, it can be eye-opening, inspiring and reflective. I started my year with a resolution to myself to travel again, to recapture my spirit and to rediscover my soul, little did I know it would come in this form.
Travel is a beautiful thing, and there is nothing better than exposure to new cultures and diverse people, but what I have rediscovered is that it is in the comfort of familiarity, and the connection of family and close friends, that my heart feels the most pleasure and joy. This year has reminded me that no matter where I am in the world, and no matter where I go, there is one place that warms my heart most,...and that place I call, HOME.
For me, HOME, this year, was in NYC, a week spent with long time friends that I share time and history, an evening of cocktails recounting memories of good times past when Brooklyn was our playground. HOME was in Dallas, Texas, where I got to see my childhood friends with whom I could recount high school memories, of schoolgirl crushes and first kisses. HOME was in Houston, Texas, where again, I spent valuable time and laughed with my friend as we recalled moments past when attempting to make homemade music videos in Central Park, while living in NYC in the 80's, and houseparties playing cards and boardgames. HOME, for me this month, was in Detroit, Michigan, affectionately celebrating my dad's 70th birthday, a milestone, surrounded by family who have been there from the start. HOME was in Pheonix, Arizona, spent poolside offering wisdom and sharing conversation with my eldest niece, who I don't get to see often enough. HOME was in Toronto, Canada, where I got to spend time with my brother and sister-in-law pre showtime. HOME was in Sydney, Australia, where I reminiced with a dear long lost friend from grade school, found through the technological miracle of Facebook. We laughed and reminiced the way only gradeschool friends can. HOME was in London, England, where I shared treasured time with a special friend and her family and was honored to be present for her third babyshower. HOME was in Berlin, Paris and Antwerp, where I developed new fond memories with my husband and brother-in-law.
HOME, for me, is not about the space you inhabit, but instead, about who inhabits your space.

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  1. Welcome to blogging, Barb! It's the perfect venue for all your travel dispatches. I look forward to keeping up with all you have to share. Big love!